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 Let me sing the praises of the Reiki Team! I have called on them for periodic support over the past few years, and I've had astonishing results 

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Although I have never felt their healing hands, their human touch is undeniable. The Reiki Team's profound compassion and insights have lifted me during difficult times.

Much to my surprise, distance Reiki has resolved acute pain flare-ups when no other therapies or herbal medications could touch it. The Reiki has also been very beneficial when I've suffered from insomnia and prolonged stress.

Lisa Mitchell

Raleigh, NC

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  I had to go through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatment for breast cancer.  During the six months of intensive treatment, I had the great support of this Reiki Team and their loving care and energy made a very trying treatment regime bearable.

Prior to my breast cancer surgery, I asked the Reiki Team for their focus and support, I sailed through the surgery and my surgeon told me that it was very successful. I was in recovery and back at home in an amazingly short period.  I know that my quick recovery from the surgery was due to the focused support and healing energy of the Reiki Team along with the love and support from my friends and family.


During the last two bouts of chemotherapy, I requested their assistance and each time I requested help, I could feel relief within 30 minutes.  The intense pain that had gripped my body lessened to a significant degree and the relief lasted for days.  Anytime I needed their support, I contacted them and the lessening of pain, the return of mental clarity and the sense of being enveloped by a caring, loving energy was palpable and remarkable.


During the final phase of treatment, radiation therapy, I once again requested their support. My radiation oncologists kept remarking at how well I was tolerating the treatment, how my skin was not blistering or showing signs of any distress or abscess.  I thank the Reiki Team for keeping my skin from blistering, for moderating the impact of the radiation treatment on my chest and arm tissue.

Marie Iddings

Portland, OR

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I wholeheartedly endorse this loving, supportive and extremely effective Reiki Team.  I have the deepest and most profound gratitude for their great service during one of the most difficult times of my life.  Their support and loving care lightened this treatment journey in a positive and significant way. 

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Each time I request Reiki energy to be sent from the Reiki Team to me or a friend, I know there will be  timely results felt.  They do make a difference. 

Bettina Chandler

Ojai, CA

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I broke my wrist and visited the emergency room where it was put in a cast. Although it was painful, I was quite leery of taking the doctor-prescribed pain-killer medications so instead, from positive experiences with Phyllis, I contacted the Reiki Team.


Shortly afterward, the pain was gone and remained that way for about the same period of time that the emergency room doctor had told me to keep taking the prescribed pain-killer medication!

Don Chapin

Talent, OR

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Having benefited from the Reiki Team's healing energies three previous times when I had cardioversions on my heart for atrial fibrillation, I asked them to again be with me long distance when I was scheduled for an ablation that was to take care of the problem once and for all. I felt tremendously supported and remained pain-free and calm with the work of the Reiki Team. 

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Going into it, I felt very relaxed and trusting as I had a lot of people praying for me. Linda told me she was drawn to send energy to my esophagus during the 7-hour procedure.  After I came to from the anesthesia, my cardiologist told me that the temperature in the esophagus went up higher than optimal and the next day they would do an endoscopy  to check it out.  That test revealed that they had indeed scorched the esophagus near the pulmonary veins while trying to zap all the extra beats in my heart.

Even though that sounded pretty bad, I was in no pain whatsoever, even during the following six days of no food or water passing down the esophagus except ice chips, I remained pain-free and calm with the work of the Reiki Team.  After the six days, I had another endoscopy which revealed it was healed enough to start fluids and then solid food and I was able to go home the next day.  During the whole ordeal, I felt tremendously supported by the Reiki Team and free of worry and pain.

Karin Michele Anderson

Dallas, TX

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I feel like Reiki has helped me so much by easing my symptoms and supporting me in staying centered and focused on my recovery.  I'm so much better after my two-year medical treatment for Lyme, and the Reiki Team continues to help with my stress and continued recovery. 

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When I was 31, I was diagnosed with chronic late-stage neurological Lyme disease. I had intense joint pain, headaches, severe fatigue, numbness, tingling, shortness of breath, blurred vision, and extreme back and neck pain. Medications increased my pain. I was in bed for a year and using a walker. I was not a functioning person. 


I am always looking for alternative methods to help with my symptoms so when I began a stringent two-year medical treatment plan I also started receiving Reiki from Dianne. When I was too sick to go to Dianne's office, I would have the Reiki Team send me long distance Reiki.


I feel like Reiki has helped me so much by easing my symptoms and supporting me in staying centered and focused on my recovery. I'm so much better after my medical treatment for Lyme and the Reiki Team continues to help with my stress and continued recovery.


Thank you so much Reiki Team.  

Rikki Andreas

Decatur, IL

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